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Burgos Lanza and Associates is a full service Architectural and Planning firm located in Miami, Florida. Burgos Lanza and Associates' commitment to excellence has provided a reputation for dis­tinctive designs, technical skills, and outstanding service.

The partners; Pablo Burgos and Carlos Lanza, have more than twenty years of experience which provides a wealth of knowledge and creative leadership. Their personal involvement with each project ensures the development of a cost effective and innovative design solution that translate to the overall success of each project.

The principal's unique approach to create design solutions from the initial conception of a project has allowed them to offer a highly diversified professional experience, which is complimented by a dedicated team of design and technical professionals. Burgos Lanza and Associates we have mastered the rare and delicate blend of cre­ativity and discipline. Great Planning and Architectural Design is more than our work, it's "our passion".

The Burgos Lanza and Associates team is committed to excellence. Our responsibility to the client reaches beyond the purely creative process. Our consistent goal is to produce exceptional design, land urban plans, and final turn key projects which not only inspire the senses, but recognize a development's critical factors in making each a successful investment. Burgos Lanza and Associate view each client relationship as a "strategic partnership".


Pablo Burgos serves as President of Burgos Lanza and Associates. He is responsible for the Firm's Creative Designs. His involvement in the design and planning stages ensures the development of innovative and marketable designs with a high degree of sales success.

The corporate philosophy of personal involvement has achieved the firm design of projects well received in the market place and recognition for design excellence.

Before establishing his own firm, Pablo worked for over 10 years  as Project Manager at a large firm.



  • State of Florida, Registered Architect 

  • State of Florida, Certified General Contractor

Professional Organizations:

  • AIA



Carlos Lanza serves as Vice-President of Burgos Lanza and Associates. He is responsible for the Construction and Technical Support. His involvement in the construction department stage re-ensures the effectiveness of Burgos Lanza and Associates creative marketable designs producing a high degree of sales success for all developers.
Carlos has been very effective in directing corporate operations as well as the guidance and development of the firm's leadership.



  • State of Florida, Registered Architect 1997

  • State of Florida, Certified General Contractor 1992

  • State of Florida, Certified Roofing Contractor 1993

  • State of Florida, Certified Standard Inspector 1997

  • State of Florid Building Code Administrator Building Official 2000

Professional Organizations:



  • South Florida Builder's Association

  • National Association of Home Builders

  • International Code Council

  • Southern Building Code Congress International

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1248 S Alhambra Circle

Coral Gables, FL 33146



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